What we do

Judd S. Jackson ,  Managing Partner

Judd S. Jackson, Managing Partner

Our practice focuses on engaging innovative entrepreneurs in a variety of industries including real estate development, construction, hospitality and professional service firms such as attorneys, architects, engineers and title companies.  We deeply care about our clients’ success and our goal is to enhance your prosperity while providing a one-of-a-kind client experience... always.

"I formed an intentionally small practice in Destin, Florida focusing on unique clients desiring a relationship with their CPA beyond tax compliance work. At Judd S. Jackson CPA, LLC., we strive to deliver a unique experience unlike “your typical CPA.” What does that mean? It means that you truly enjoy working with our team. It means you leave a meeting with us and feel like you received value. It means after spending time with me, you leave with a “surprise benefit” – something you did not expect. It means you have a business partner."

- Judd S. Jackson



  • Real Estate

  • Construction

  • Investors

  • Hospitality

  • CFO Outsourcing

  • Business Consulting

  • High Net Worth Individuals

  • IRS Representation

  • Family Office Services

  • Professional Service Firms - Attorneys, Engineers, Title Companies, Architects, etc.

our Team

Alena Dzialendzik ,  CPA

Alena Dzialendzik, CPA

Kaymleh Roberts,   Director of Client Experience

Kaymleh Roberts, Director of Client Experience

Daniel Kellogg, Accountant

Dina Yusupova ,  Accountant

Dina Yusupova, Accountant